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South Melbourne Market goes plastic bag free


SOURCE: South Melbourne Market

From Wednesday 11 April 2018,  South Melbourne Market will introduce a ban on single-use plastic bags. This is a significant step in moving towards a greener, more sustainable future.

This means Market traders will no longer supply plastic shopping bags to customers.

The ban specifically includes:

  • lightweight plastic bags with handles including those deemed biodegradable, degradable or compostable.
  • heavier-weight plastic bags (like those used by department stores).

Barrier bags, the clear bags without handles that are commonly used for fruit & veg, meat, seafood and deli are not included in the ban.

South Melbourne Market are asking for your support in their quest to reduce single-use plastic and ask that your BRING YOUR OWN BAGS when you shop at the Market. All you need to do is get into the habit of bringing reusable bags, baskets or trolleys now and you’ll be well prepared!

From 11 April, customers who are unaware of the ban, or who forget their own bags, will be able to purchase paper bags from traders, borrow a Boomerang Bag or buy a reusable bag at the Market Office.