From March 2019, the NRA are conducting over 100 tours of shopping centres and precincts throughout Victoria to assist retailers transitioning away from banned bags.

On each tour, the NRA are visiting as many retailers as possible in their stores to provide information and resources to manage the plastic bag ban, including advice on:

  • What does my business need to do and by when?
  • What does my business need to stop doing and by when?
  • What are the best alternatives for my business?
  • How should I manage the transition?
  • What resources are available to help me?

We recommend that all retailers that currently provide some form of plastic shopping bag to customers meet with an NRA representative during these tours.



Dates are subject to change - please check back regularly for updates.

Greater Melbourne - 19 March - 31 August

Gippsland Coast - 11-12 June

Loddon Mallee - 2-5 July

Grampians Central West - 9-12 July

Goulburn Valley / North East - 23-26 July

Barwon South East - 13-15 August

Gippsland Inland - 27-29 August

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