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Retailers of all types and sizes will face decisions as they prepare for the Victorian bag ban.

If your organisation has contact with local retail businesses, including food outlets and markets, you can help ensure businesses have the right information and advice they need.

Retailers can also help by ensuring businesses around you know about the ban and how to access help and advice.

How you can help


  • Publish & share information regularly across your network via newsletters, websites and social media.
    • Republish stories from our Instagram page or News section.
    • Download and use the media release below.
    • Spread the word on social media to local businesses in your area. See below.

Social media

Spread the word on social media.



Share the positive stories of retailers going plastic bag free.

The NRA has visited over 180 retail precincts across metro and regional Victoria in the last 6 months and engaged over 13,000 retailers - see our Instagram or Facebook for just a taste of the positive stories out there!

Promote key messages & resources

Example post:
"ATTN LOCAL BUSINESSES: Lightweight plastic shopping bags will be banned across Victoria from 1 November this year. The law applies to all businesses including retail shops, food outlets, markets and online stores. Visit for details."

Example images:

Media release

Download and publish the NRA's media release (June 2019).